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Fire Protection

Keep your family safe by teaching them the basic steps to remember when caught on fire: STOP, DROP and Roll.

Fire incidents often occur in the most unexpected times, putting both lives and property at risk.

Learning how to extinguish fire on a person’s clothes or hair without firefighting equipment is an important component of fire safety.

Basic steps to remember when caught on fire:

STOP ‚Äď Do not run and do not panic.

DROP ‚Äď Drop to the ground and lie down flat with legs out straight. Cover eyes and mouth with hands to avoid facial injury.

ROLL ‚Äď Roll around until the flames are out. A rug may also be used to smother the fire by rolling it around the body.

After successfully doing the method, stay away from fire, quickly exit the burning building, and seek medical help. #PVFC2420 #FirePreventionMonth

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