Station 24

This station is located on Stump Road directly after the Easton Rd (611) and Stump Road crossing. It was purchased in 1933 and the original firehouse was built in 1939; it was given the station number of 24. It was enlarged several times between 1950 and 1986 in order to house more apparatus. It currently houses five pieces of apparatus including Engine 24, Rescue 24, Tanker 24, Special Service 24, and Special Service 24-1 (UTV). This is also where our Banquet Hall is located and now hosts Fireside Hall.

Station 20

This Station is located off of Easton Rd (611) before the bypass begins. This station was purchased in 1998, it was dedicated in 2000. It currently houses three pieces of apparatus: Engine 20, Engine 20-1 and Utility 20.  

As of the 2022 summer, Station 20 is under construction. Keep an eye on our social media for announcements and information on the newest fire house in Plumsteadville!

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