Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company


We are looking for YOU!

Are you looking to give back to your local community? The Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization proudly serving Plumstead Township and surrounding areas since 1930 and we are looking for YOU!

We have positions for everyone. If protecting lives and property intrigues you, then becoming a Volunteer Firefighter is right for you. Do you have a desire to direct traffic at events and around emergency scenes, then becoming a Fire Police Officer is for you? Are you just interested in helping with fundraisers to raise money for the company and promote safety with community events, then becoming a contributing member would be the right option for you? We provide all training, insurance, and equipment necessary to perform your tasks correctly and in a safe manner.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more please fill out the below form or email [email protected] to find how you can become a member at Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company. We can also be found at Station 24 (5064 Stump Rd) Monday Evenings at 7:30 PM.

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