Our Fleet

We take immense pride in our fleet of twelve vehicles. Each one plays a crucial role in safeguarding our community. Our fleet isn’t just about machinery—it represents our dedication to protecting lives and property.

Apparatus: The Backbone of Our Operations

  • Structural Firefighting Apparatus: These six vehicles are battle-tested and ready to tackle fires head-on. From blazing infernos to emergency situations, they’re our first line of defense.

  • Vehicle Extrication Units: When accidents occur, our specialized extrication apparatus swiftly cut through metal and debris, freeing trapped individuals. Lives are saved through their precision and power.

  • Search and Rescue Vehicles: These versatile units navigate treacherous terrain, locating and aiding those in distress. Whether it’s a missing hiker or a stranded motorist, our search and rescue teams are always on the move.

  • Multipurpose Vehicles: Our multipurpose vehicles serve many purposes. They transport personnel, equipment, and supplies to incident scenes. Their flexibility ensures we’re prepared for any scenario.

Current Apparatus

  • Engine 24

  • Rescue 24

  • Tanker 24

  • Special Service 24

  • Special Service 24-1

  • Engine 20

  • Engine 20-1

  • Utility 20

Chief Officers: Command and Coordination

  • Multipurpose SUVs: Our Chief SUVs are versatile workhorses. They transport personnel, equipment, and critical supplies to the heart of the action. Whether it’s a structure fire, hazardous materials incident, or medical emergency, our chiefs are at the forefront.

  • Incident Command on Wheels: Our chiefs oversee the operation of these SUVs. They communicate with firefighting teams, assess situations, and direct resources effectively. When seconds count, our Chief SUVs keep us connected and informed.

Current Chief Vehicles

  • Chief 24

  • Deputy 24

  • Battalion Chief 24

  • Battalion Chief 20

Past and Current Fleet

Names denoted in red identify the current apparatus.   
Year PurchasedDescription
19491934 Ford Panel Truck With A 500GPM Front Mounted Pump
19501940 Chevrolet w/ 500GPM Pump
19501930 Hahn 400/120 Engine (Ex-Engine 24)
1959Ford Tanker w/ 300GPM Pump (Replaced 1940 pumper)
1959Mack Tractor w/ 5200 Gal. trailer (Ex Tanker 24-1)
19661958 Ford Harwick Pumper w/ 750GPM Pump (Ex Tanker 24)
1974Mack CF-600 Pumper w/250 GPM Pump (Ex Engine 24-1)
19791960 Dodge 300 (Ex Squad 124)
19881988 Mack 3000 Gal. with a 1000 GPM pump (Ex Tanker 24)
1989Tanker 24-2
19891992 KME Renegade (Ex Engine 24)
19931968 Bronco Ford C (Ex Rescue 24)
19951985 E-One (Ex Engine 20-1)
19981972 Mack 75' Aerialscope (Ex Ladder 24)
19991999 KME Renegade (Ex Engine 20)
2005(Rescue 24) - 2005 Spartan Evolution
20071999 Ford F-350 (Ex Special Service 24)
2011(Special Service 24-1) 2011 Polaris Ranger with Trailer
2019(Tanker 24) 2018 Freightliner M2/112 Rosenbauer
2020(Special Service 24) 2019 Ford F350 XL
2022(Engine 20-1) 2000 Pierce Quantum
2023(Engine 24) 2022 Pierce Enforcer Pumper
2023(Engine 20) 2022 Pierce Enforcer Pumper
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